The library of Jamia Millia Islamia which was vandalised in the police action last month is set to be restored. The university has estimated a loss of Rs 2.6 crore in the crackdown.

“We plan to add more value to the library. We are determined to restore the library,” said the university’s Public Relations Officer Ahmad Azeem.

Azeem said that in the preliminary assessment, the university has found that the property worth Rs 2.6 crore was damaged during the police crackdown.

University sources said that the restoration process for the library is on and the groundwork for it would begin within weeks.

On December 15, police barged in the Jamia campus in the hunt for the protesters who were protesting outside the varsity campus against the CAA. The protesters were believed to be Jamia students, however, the investigation reports stated differently.

In the protest, at least five buses were set ablaze or damaged, besides other vehicles parked in the surrounding of the campus.

In order to curb the violence, police entered the campus without the university’s permission and in the due process of nabbing the protesters, the library was vandalised.