With so much prejudice still persisting in our society against dark skinned people, the West Bengal government on Thursday, suspended two women teachers in East Burdwan district on the charge of teaching pre-primary students from an English alphabet book consisting of a portion derogatory to the people with dark complexion.

The alphabet book with illustrations says alphabet U is for “Ugly” with the image of a dark skinned boy in the presentation of the alphabets with corresponding words and image.

Education Minister Partha Chatterjee said, “The book is not part of the text books referred by the education department. It was introduced by the school itself. We have zero tolerance for acts which instill prejudices into the minds of students,” while talking to reporters.

“The two teachers of a local municipality-run school have been placed under suspension with immediate effect on the basis of a preliminary investigation and stricter action would be taken against them ,” he added.

The incident came to light when father of one of the students of the school was teaching him with the help of that book. He informed other parents and the education department was informed of the issue, according to PTI. sources.

The school is currently closed because of the Coronavirus lockdown.