Senior RSS leader M G Vaidya said today only VHP leader Pravin Togadia can reveal who was behind the alleged conspiracy to kill him.

“Togadia has said he will provide evidence (to show who was behind the conspiracy). We should wait till then,” Vaidya said.

“Togadia hasn’t made any allegations against Gujarat police,” Vaidya said in Nagpur, responding to remarks by the VHP leader.

Togadia, the international working president of the VHP, became untraceable for some time yesterday before he was admitted to a hospital in Ahmedabad in an unconscious state.

Togadia told reporters today he left his house after getting some messages that a team of Rajasthan police was coming to arrest and “encounter” (kill in a fake encounter) him.

“Togadia has said he will come out with evidence. He should give the evidence about his claims,” Vaidya said.


“Only Togadia can reveal who was behind the conspiracy to kill him,” Vaidya said, wondering how someone with Z-plus security can be eliminated in an encounter.