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Tehseen Poonawalla files complaint in NHRC against Vikas Dubey’s encounter by UP Police

‘Vikas Dubey surrendered himself publicly, the police officers should have been extremely cautious about him.’

SNS | New Delhi |

Political Analyst Tehseen Poonawalla on Friday files a complaint in the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) bringing attention to the mysterious encounter of Vikas Dubey by Uttar Pradesh Police.

His complaint has been received in HRC Net portal vide diary No.  10210/IN/2020.

“This is to bring to your attention the mysterious encounter of Vikas Dubey by the Uttar Pradesh police on 10th July 2020. It is a known fact that Vikas Dubey and his gang had committed multiple heinous crime including the latest killing of eight police officers in a shootout on 3rd July 2020 at Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh,” Poonewala said in his complaint.

According to the report over the last week, five of Dubey’s aides had been killed. Dubey’s closest aide Aman Dubey was shot dead after he was chased down by the police to a village on July 5 and his other aide, Bauva Dubey, was shot dead in an encounter in Etawah, about 220 km from state capital Lucknow.

Furthermore hours before Vikas Dubey’s surrender, two of his accomplices had been shot dead by Uttar Pradesh police in separate encounters. It is alleged that Vikas Dubey’s links with the police and politicians helped him stay out of jail for years. To avoid being encountered Vikas Dubey came forward and surrendered himself publicly outside Mahakal temple in Ujjain, the complaint letter stated.

Adding further it mentions the fact that Vikas Dubey surrendered himself publicly, the police officers should have been extremely cautious about Vikas Dubey, since the other members of his gang were encountered by the police within the period of 7 days.

Claiming this encounter to be fake, he took to twitter and wrote, “This fictional story makes NO SENSE @Uppolice. For starters, why was Prabhat Mishra’s hands not tied with ropes? Why did @Uppolice not anticipate the worst? (That’s part of the SOPs). Why was the pistol not attached via a rope to the uniform & locked? Why did u take an old van?”

“The last visuals of Vikas Dubey showed him sitting in a Tata Safari, however, the pictures of the car that toppled through which Vikas Dubey tried to escape was another Mahinder TUV car. It is pertinent to note the media which were following the police car were mysteriously stopped just before the encounter,” Poonewala questioned.

Tehseen Poonawalla asked the following questions in his letter:

  • How did the SUV topple on a perfectly good road?
  • How did Vikas Dubey a physically unfit man with a paunch escape after pushing physically fit police officers to get out of a toppled vehicle particularly because the accused is always seated in the middle ?
  • Why was Vikas Dubey’s hands not tied with a rope, him being such a heinous criminal?
  • Why was the pistol of the police officer that Vikas Dubey snatched not attached with a rope to the police officer’s uniform?
  • What were the police officers in the escort car doing?

The National Human Rights Commission must take cognisance of this encounter by the UP police officers. There are already several complaints about the illegal and unconstitutional behaviour of the Uttar Pradesh police before Court of law and Human Rights Commission. Giving a free hand to kill surrendered accused must have brutal consequences, he said in his letter.