Subramanian Swamy seeks deletion of ‘Socialism’ & ‘Secularism’ from preamble

Subramanian Swamy seeks deletion of 'Socialism' & 'Secularism' from preamble

Dr Subramanian Swamy. (File Photo: IANS)

On Friday, A writ petition was filed by former Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy seeking deletion of the words ‘Socialism’ and ‘Secularism’ from the Preamble to the constitution.

The petition challenges the validity of the insertion of the words “socialism” and “secularism” in the Preamble through the 42nd Constitution Amendment in 1976 during the time of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

Taking to a microblogging site, Subramanian Swamy informed about his writ petition and tweeted, “Today in SC my Writ Petition came up seeking deletion of Secularism & Socialism from the Preamble of the Constitution. Dr Ambedkar 1949 rejected the inclusion of these two words in the Constituent Assembly. But in Emergency, Mrs G got it included. The WP is now before CJI Court on 23/9.”


Swamy further added, “If I succeed in getting Secularism and Socialism deleted from the Constitution then not only late Dr Ambedkar would have been happy but late Sharad Joshi who obtained a promise from me to delete these words will be happy. I am grateful to Satya & Vishesh for their research and draft.”