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South City Mall Kolkata slammed for asking mother to do ‘chores’ like breastfeeding at home

The comments didn’t go down well with the netizens who called out the authorities of the mall for their misogynists comments.

SNS | New Delhi |


The South City Mall in Kolkata is facing the ire of people for not providing breastfeeding area to a lactating mother and then asking her to step out of home after finishing “chores” like breastfeeding.

The incident occurred on Sunday when the mother of a seven-month-old child visited the South City Mall. She needed to feed the baby but found no place for that. When she approached the mall management, she was shockingly told to breastfeed the baby in a toilet.

The woman took to Facebook and wrote a ‘review’ of the mall, which read, “There is no place to breastfeed on the top of it your staff asked me to feed in the toilet…disgusting place. Such a big useless mall.”Responding to the woman’s post, the mall authorities wrote that such “home chores” should be managed at home.

The authorities went on to say that the mother should “plan it before hand” as the home chores must be managed at home.

The comments didn’t go down well with the netizens who called out the authorities for their misogynists comments.

Following the outrage on social media, the mall authorities posted an unconditional apology on their facebook page.

The authorities of the mall wrote,

“We had made an unconditional apology for the remark/comment made by our agency in accordance to the feedback/comment written by our valuable visitor in relate to her inconvenience for feeding the baby.

Please find attached the response made by the South City Management yesterday night at around 11:30pm upon noticing the revert made by our Agent handling the FaceBook page. We have provision for Baby Changing/Feeding room, Kids toilet etc on every Floor. Unfortunately, as the Mall is not fully operational and partly under renovation all services are not active but 1 Baby Changing room on 1st level alongwith Kids Toilet is available.

We clarify that South City tries to take care of the smallest requirement a Patron would need at Mall at any time. It is our agent who without knowing the facts made such a comment in response to the feedback of our Patron and we have taken the duly required action against the same yesterday itself.

We still apologies for inconvenience caused to the concern patron despite all the amenities available at Mall. We never intend to hurt anyone’s sentiment and/or disrespect.”