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Shatrughan Sinha slams BJP decision of forming government in Karnataka

SNS | New Delhi |

In yet another attack on his own party BJP, disgruntled MP Shatrughan Sinha on Thursday slammed the party’s decision of forming a government in Karnataka saying that the politics of ‘jugaad’ and ‘arm twisting’ is neither acceptable nor desirable.

In a series of tweets, the Patna Sahib MP mentions the examples of other states, saying “what was right for Meghalaya, Manipur and Goa, should be right for Karnataka too”.

Shatrughan Sinha tweeted: “We shall wait and watch. In the present situation, one really wishes that ultimately justice prevails. What is right for Peter should be right for Paul too. What is right for Meghalaya, Manipur & Goa should be right for Karnataka too !! God save Karnataka & Democracy! Jai Hind !!”

In another tweet, he added, “This politics of ‘jugaad’ & arm twisting -for that matter, ‘Dhan-shakti’ over ‘Jan-shakti’ is neither acceptable nor desirable. Sir, there is a saying – you can’t fool all the people all the time to win/gain anyhow by hook or by crook & moreover the same is not advisable too.”

BJP leader Yeddyurappa was sworn-in as the chief minister early morning on Thursday, a day after the BJP was invited by the Governor to form the government.

BJP, which emerged as the single largest party with 104 seats, has received 15 days time to prove majority on the floor of the House.

This is not for the first time that Shatrughan Sinha made barrage of attacks on BJP or senior leaders.

Last week, the dissident lawmaker from Bihar had launched a tirade against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Sinha had criticised PM Narendra Modi for “mocking definitions of another national political party in any election” and Rahul Gandhi’s Prime Ministerial ambitions.

“It’s not at all becoming of the PM of 130 crore countrymen to make mocking definitions of another national political party in any election. The hon’ble PM sounds like he’s trying to teach abbreviations of words to KG children. Sir, the entire country isn’t a school,” he had said.