Congress leaders Priyanka Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi hailed the Supreme Court’s decision on Monday that the woman officers should get permanent commission in the armed forces.

The court in its decision had said that the women officers in the Indian Army will get command positions on par with the male officers and there is a necessity to change the mindset to “end gender discrimination”.

Rahul Gandhi by launching an attack on the government tweeted, “The government disrespected every Indian woman, by arguing in the SC that women Army officers didn’t deserve command posts or permanent service because they were inferior to men. I congratulate India’s women for standing up and  proving the BJP government wrong.”

In a tweet in Hindi, Priyanka Gandhi also praised the court’s decision by saying, “The court’s historic decision will give wings to women officers and the BJP government, which is against women, has got a befitting reply.”

The permanent commission will apply to all women officers in the Army in service, irrespective of their years of service.

Earlier on February 5, while reserving its order, the top court had asked all parties concerned to submit all notes and submissions.

SC had said if there is a will and a change in the mindset on the part of the government, then women officers could be allocated command posts in the Army. The court also pointed out that there are many other services along with combat operations where women could be accommodated.