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Pledge to save water this Republic Day 2020

As a responsible citizen of India, do your bit to help in saving the precious natural resource- water

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

Many states, cities, and villages in India are fighting with water scarcity. Being a responsible Indian, it is your duty to save water and use it efficiently. It is not only your duty but an absolute necessity in today’s world having only one percent of easily accessible water from the total water present on Earth. If you are blessed to have an abundant supply of water in your house, then also reduce your water consumption. Reduce wastage of water while taking a bath, washing clothes or dishes, brushing your teeth or gardening, etc.

India is battling with water scarcity. There is a close link between water resources and the economic growth of a country. Good management of water resources brings more certainty and efficiency in productivity across economic sectors and it contributes to the health of the nation too.

Undoubtedly, water is a vital natural resource for the life and development of any country. On this Republic Day, let us join hands and take a pledge to save water.

Here are a few easy ways by which you can save a lot of water in your daily life:

Reduce the duration of bath: Taking a bath for less time will consume less water. Use a bucket instead of using a shower. It will save much- needed water.

Use a dual flush toilet: Use a modern dual flush toilet which has two buttons – one for using less water to flush liquid waste and second for using more water to flush solid waste. You just have to press the correct button. Older flushes consume three to four times more water than these new ones because they do not have this system. So convert your old flush toilet to a modern one having a dual flush system.

Turn off the tap while washing your hands, brushing your teeth or shaving: Do not let the tap open for the whole time while you are indulged in any of these daily activities. Turn off the tap when the water is not in use and turn it on when it’s time to rinse.

Install a tap aerator: Tap aerator helps to save 80 percent of water by adding air to the flow of water. It results in a more consistent stream of water and less usage of water overall.

Reduce or re-use the RO wastewater: If water quality is good in your area, do not use RO water purifiers because they waste approximately three litres of water for every one litre of purified water. If it is really necessary to use the RO purifier, change the filters and membranes periodically to reduce the amount of wastewater. Also, do not let the wastewater flow down the drain. Store it in some bucket to reuse it for other household daily chores like washing utensils, watering plants or floor mopping.

Wash your dishes wisely: If you are washing your dishes by hand, do not let the water run for the whole time when you are scrubbing them. Turn on the tap at the time of rinsing the utensils. If you are using a dishwasher, do not run it empty. Load it to its full capacity and then run it to save a lot of water which will otherwise get wasted in multiple running cycles.

Use efficient water-saving washing machines: Use high-efficiency front loading washing machines. They use less water than top-loading washing machines. Use them to save 50 percent of water. Also, make sure to wash a full load of laundry instead of washing a few clothes. This will save you both water and electricity.

Install a water meter: A water meter can help you in measuring the amount of water you use. This tool can help you keep a check on your water consumption.

Use water tank overflow alarm: Install this small and inexpensive electronic device in your water tank to help you save water by not allowing it overflowing. The device simply raises an alarm when your water tank is full.

Water your plants and garden with smart and water-saving techniques: Water your plants in the morning and evening so that the water does not evaporate easily. Water deeply but less often because this will encourage plants to grow deeper roots and have deeper roots, the plants require less water. You can connect a hose to your water pipe so as to cover more area with less water.

Use a bucket to wash your car: If you wash your car with a pipe, you will end up wasting a lot of water. Instead, use a bucket and save water.

Clean your verandas mopping them: Do not wash your verandas every day as it results in a lot of wastage of water. You should rather use a broom to remove dry dirt and then mop the floor.

No water no life! Save water save the nation!

Happy Republic Day!