Association of Punjab plastic carry bag manufacturers on Friday urged the state government to relax its 2016 order banning manufacturing, stocking, distribution, recycling, sale and use of plastic carry bags including non-woven plastic carry bags.

The associations of both making carry bags from plain plastic and that making it from non-woven material made this demand to the local bodies minister Brahm Mohindra. Non-woven carry bags association made a plea that non-woven bags are not plastic bags and hence, should not be equated with plastic carry bags.

The association in support of their claim made representation with the facts that non-woven fabric is a technical textile, though made from polypropylene, and it is recyclable, water and air permeable, non-toxic and is safe in contact with foodstuff, pharmaceutical and drinking water.

Association also made a plea that after considering the ill effects of the plastic bags on the climate, they have shifted their plastic bags units to manufacturing of non-woven bags and invested huge money in the setup, which provides employment to a large workforce.

The plastic carry bag manufacturers association stressed that high thickness plastic bags are recyclable and are reused by downstream industries and hence do not adversely affect the environment.

They pleaded that the government may allow manufacturing and sale of more than 100 mm thickness plastic carry bags.

Mohindra assured the association that the government will sympathetically consider their demand. He instructed the officers present in the meeting to study the practicability and legality of their demands.

The minister further said that the manufacturers have invested a huge amount in Punjab and were giving employment to thousands.