This hanging is going to be different for Pawan Jallad, the official hangman, as it would give him ‘satisfaction’ to hang the four rapists of Nirbhaya.

Hangman Pawan, a father of seven including five daughters, says that the hanging of these four rapists of Nirbhaya is going to give him great satisfaction as this is the only punishment for these murderers of humanity.

Pawan, who is the grandson of Kallu Jallad, is the fourth generation of the family which has been executing capital punishment to the hardcore criminals in the country. Pawan lives in Kashiram Colony of Lohia Nagar locality with his wife and seven children.

Expressing his emotions over these hangings, he said that the execution of capital punishment this time will give him satisfaction because they committed a monstrous crime with an innocent girl. Being a father of daughters he could feel the pain he said adding that he is ready to execute the orders of the court and hang the culprits.

The hangman in Lucknow is sick and hence refused to execute this capital punishment awarded to the rapists of Nirbhaya by the Patiala House court, said Pawan asserting that he, however, is ready to do the needful. Pawan is yet to get an official letter in this regard.

Pawan’s original name is Sindhi Ram and he belongs to the fourth generation of the family of hangman Kallu Jallad that has taken up the ‘family profession’ of “Jallad” willfully. Kallu Jallad had carried out some prominent hangings including the assassins of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Satwant and Beant Singh, and Ranga and Billa who had killed Sanjay and Geeta Chopra.

The family profession of Jallad was started by Kallu’s father and great grandfather of Pawan whose father Mammu Singh was also a Jallad. Pawan learnt the art of hanging from his father who learnt from his father Kallu Jallad and so on. “It is ironic that the Jallad who executes the punishment given by the judge is looked down upon by the society while the judge gets the appreciation and respect for his decision,” his grandfather Kallu Jallad had said in his last interview with The Statesman in an interview.

The government gives him only Rs 5 thousand per month for doing such important work, told Pawan demanding to increase his stipend to Rs 20 thousand but the state government increased the amount by only Rs 2 thousand. Pawan lives in dire poverty here with the responsibility of eight members.

This, however, is going to be the first hanging of Pawan for which he is ready and excited. Talking about preparations for the hanging he said, “I need to check rope, a wooden platform, and other things as per the weight of those who will be hanged.”