AIMIM chief and MP from Hyderabad Asaduddin Owaisi has blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for failing to deal with Ladakh crisis due to Chinese intrusion and urged him to convene the Parliament.

Since AIMIM was not invited to the all- party meeting Owaisi wrote a letter to the Prime Minister and raised 11 questions on the events leading to the killings of 20 Indian soldiers by Chinese forces and asked him to appoint an independent review committee and publish its observations in a White Paper.

“The blame for this crisis lies solely with the political, strategic and military leadership headed by you. It is unfortunate that you failed in dealing with Chinese designs,” wrote Owaisi.

He went on to add: “The lives of those killed should not go in vain, and the best way to avenge their lives must be recovering Chinese-occupied Indian territory in Galwan Valley and Pangong So Lake areas by any means necessary.”

He reminded that after Kargil war a review committee was set up chaired by K Subrahmanyam. He asked that the Parliament should be convened at the earlies “so that Opposition parties may seek accountability from the ruling party” regarding occupation of Indian territory. He raised some key questions like how much of Indian territory was under Chinese occupation, how many such Chinese incursions have taken place and how many soldiers lost their lives due to face-offs with Chinese forces.

His ally and Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao who faced flak for failing to attend the last rites of Colonel B Santosh Babu announced that he will personally visit the family of the slain soldier and hand over Rs 5 crore as ex-gratia, a residential plot and a government job of group 1 rank to the widow.

In addition, he announced Rs 10 lakh as compensation to each of the 19 soldiers killed at Galwan valley. While supporting the Centre and Prime Minister in the stand-off with China, Rao spoke against any hasty decision to boycott Chinese goods.” There are opinions that say we should ban import goods from China. It will be hasty decision. The goods that we are importing now should be made in India These goods should be available to the people at reasonable cost,” said Rao who urged Modi to formulate long-term and short-term strategies.

The widespread call for boycott of Chinese goods saw traders of Begum Bazar, known for stocking affordable items, breaking Chinese made mosquito bats and emergency lights in front of the media. They said they would no longer stock China-made goods. The president of Hyderabad General Merchants Association Sriram Vyas is associated with the BJP made the announcement.