As the Delhi Police Crime Branch had started the investigation in the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) January 5 violence case, and called up a ‘masked woman’, identified as Komal Sharma on January 13, she has come out in open now and denied the allegations.

Sharma, a student of Delhi University’s Daulat Ram College is alleged to be linked to ABVP. A notice had been sent to her by the police to join the investigation. The police earlier called up Sharma, but her phone was found to be switched off.

Sharma has said that she has been framed and has approached the National Commission for Women (NCW). “I am not the woman in the video. I am being framed. I have been deliberately, and with some bad intention, defamed to the extent that now the condition has become bad to worst and I have started receiving calls from my relatives/friends who are expressing their dismay considering me as the said alleged lady in mask/scarf,” News18 quoted her as saying.

Videos and photos of the violence at the campus went viral of some men along with the girl who was seen wearing a check shirt, and her face covered with light blue scarf, with a stick in her hands.

Two ABVP members, Akshat Awasthi and Rohit Shah, whose faces emerged during a TV channel sting, refused to join the investigation, police said. They hoped that the duo will join the investigation on Tuesday.

So far, the police have issued notices to nine accused in the case asking them to join the investigation into the JNU violence. Out of these nine accused, seven are from the Left organisations.

Three out of the seven Left organisations’ students — Aishe Ghosh, Bhaskar Vijay, and Pankaj — joined the investigation on Monday.

Two other suspects, Bhaskar Vijay and Pankaj were questioned together by a Special Investigation Team.

Through the investigation, the police is trying to connect the dots to come out with the sequence that unfolded on January 5 at JNU campus.

Meanwhile, the police have also send legal notice to 37 more people who were part of the WhatsApp group involved in the violence.

Earlier, the Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union (JNUSU) had on Saturday criticised the police for allegedly shielding ABVP activists in the January 5 violence. In a media briefing, the JNUSU leaders narrated the sequence of events starting from January 4 in the campus.

Unprecedented violence was unleashed on the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) campus by a mob of masked men and women on Sunday night, who went on a rampage attacking students and teachers with wooden and metal rods, injuring at least 34 people.

Eyewitnesses have said 50-odd goons entered the campus around 6.30 pm on Sunday.

The JNU students’ union has claimed that the attackers were “unknown ABVP goons”, who were even beating up professors trying to protect students.

However, the RSS-affiliated outfit has denied the charges.