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No new entry into Tripura BJP for 6 months: Deodhar

PTI | Pune |

BJP Tripura In-charge Sunil Deodhar said on Monday that enrollment into the party would be restricted for the next six months to stop the influx of people with criminal antecedents.

He said the priorities of the newly-elected Biplab Kumar Deb government in Tripura would be law and order, creation of employment and building infrastructure.

Deodhar told reporters, “Several Communist cadres have minted money through various government schemes. After the regime change, these activities would stop and since they cannot survive without power, they will try to join the BJP.”

“But since many of these cadres have criminal cases against them, the party will conduct a background check before admitting new members. Therefore we have decided not to give new membership for the next six months,” he elaborated.

Alleging that the Left Front government led by Manik Sarkar had failed, he said 67 per cent of the people of the state were living below the povery line.

“Crime against women as well as overall crime is very high (in the state). The outgoing government shielded many scams and this had made people angry,” he claimed.

He also condemned the pulling down of statues of Communist heroes like Lenin and said such acts could not be supported.

Taking a swipe at Sarkar’s clean image, Deodhar said the former Tripura CM was neither poor and honest nor efficient.