Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said no minister of the Central Government will travel abroad in the upcoming days amid the novel coronavirus crisis that has gripped the entire globe.

He also assured the countrymen of the government being vigilant about the situation due to Novel Coronavirus COVID-19.

“No Minister of the Central Government will travel abroad in the upcoming days. I urge our countrymen to also avoid non-essential travel,” he tweeted.

“We can break the chain of spread and ensure the safety of all by avoiding large gatherings,” he added.

PM Modi also gave the mantra “Say no to Panic, Yes to precautions” to the people.

Assuring that the government is taking safety measures for the people to protect against the deadly virus, PM Modi said, “Across ministries and states, multiple steps have been proactively taken to ensure the safety of all. These steps are wide-ranging, from the suspension of Visas to augmenting healthcare capacities.”


As of now, there are 73 positive cases reported in India out of which, 56 are Indians and 17 are foreigners.

“So far, the government has evacuated 900 Indian citizens along with 48 belonging to other nations including Maldives, Myanmar, Bangladesh, China, US, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Nepal, South Africa, and Peru,” Health Ministry claimed.

Keeping in mind the effect of the deadly virus, the Visa-free travel facility granted to Overseas Citizen Of India (OCI) cardholders are kept in abeyance till 15th April 2020. The decision will come into effect from 1200 GMT on March 13, 2020, at the port of departure.

All travelers, including Indian nationals arriving from or having visited China, Italy, Iran, Republic of Korea, France, Spain, and Germany after February 15 will be quarantined for a minimum period of 14 days, a government statement said.