There is something wrong with a country or society which has more number of courts and hospitals as they indicate the bad state of affairs, Justice Chalameswar of Supreme Court said on Sunday.

"I was inaugurating a new court building. That time I said I do not know if it is a happy occasion but my opinion is more the number of courts and more the number of hospitals in a country, then there is something wrong with that society.

"It is obvious. It does not need great deal of intelligence to understand this. Why do we need courts? To resolve problems. The moment you say there is a problem obviously the society is not in an ideal state of affairs," he said during his speech at National Jurists Conference organised by Shanti Sarovar – a Brahma Kumaris organisation.

He said, recalling an event in which he inaugurated a new court building, the same principle applies to hospitals also.

According to him, learning about wars and cyclones would be interesting but facing them would need a great deal of courage.

He also spoke about the conduct of the advocates and the importance of being honest.

Justice Ramasubramanian of Hyderabad High Court also spoke during the event.