Congress leader Rahul Gandhi slammed the Centre over the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill on Thursday and said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah are living in an imaginary world of their own without any contact with the outside world.

Rahul said while speaking to media that his party is against anyone who engages with the outside world.

“We believe that India belongs to everybody, all communities, and all religions,” he said.

On a query by the reporter on the Centre’s claim that there is no financial crisis in the country, Rahul said that the Modi-Shah are living in their own imaginations.

“They don’t have any contact with the outside world. They live in their own world and fantasise about things. That is why the country is in such trouble. There would be no problem if they listened to the people of the country. Modi’s s style of governance is to distract the attention of the people from reality,” he said.

He further said that PM Modi wants India too to live in an imaginary world. “Now that imagination that he has created is breaking, and he is in trouble,” he said.

Rahul Gandhi is currently in his constituency in Wayanad, Kerala. Taking it to Twitter he said, “I am in my parliamentary constituency, Wayanad, for the next few days. I’m grateful for the love, support, and enthusiasm of the people of Wayanad who’ve turned up in large numbers to greet me. I thank you all.”