In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, Miracle Foundation India has extended financial assistance to Child Care Institutes (CCIs) for supporting vulnerable and orphaned children. CCIs and Miracle Foundation will be jointly working to provide such children and their families with sufficient supplies once they shift out of CCIs as per the guidance of the Govt authorities to ensure their overall health and wellbeing for a period of two months.

The Indian government has mandated a complete lockdown for all non-essential public and private entities, in view to safeguarding the populace from the coronavirus. Following the same, CCIs facilitated the process after conducting awareness sessions with the parents/relatives to guide them on hygiene, use of masks, washing hands, social distancing, etc.

Given, the safety of such children, who are orphans and live with their relatives or belong to single mothers/poor families, most of which are daily wage-workers, Miracle Foundation decided to step in to provide for their basic food & hygiene needs. The organisation is concerned about the health and survival of these kids whose families may be unable to fulfil their requirements for adequate meals at this crucial time.

The foundation also wants to ensure that hygiene is maintained at the family level for the sake of these kids. In a pursuit to support 378 children sent back from the CCIs, relief packages worth INR 2874000/- for two months including the cost for support to CCIs would be facilitated by Miracle Foundation India.

Families belonging to these children are expected to receive the support worth INR 3750/- per month through the initiative, starting April 2020. People/organisations are encouraged to contribute anywhere between INR 500 and 1800/- per month which will be sufficient for providing at least one basic amenity in the form of soaps, milk, vegetables, wheat, oil, sanitary napkins, etc. vital for the survival of such kids.

A donation worth INR 7500/- will be sufficient to support such hand-to-mouth families for two months. Working in close coordination with the CCI partners, the organisation has devised a system to monitor that the money is used for rightful purposes and children get their meals.

Further, Miracle Foundation India is committed to support 250 families in three remote villages of Chhota Udepur areas of Vadodara District, Gujarat. The Foundation implements projects through Deepak Foundation on preventing child-separation from families.

The Foundation also works towards strengthening the families. 250 poorest of poor families have been identified for immediate support for basic food and hygiene. These families too have lost their livelihood options due to the current COVID-19 situation. Miracle Foundation India is committing to support with Rs. 8,12,155/-

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