Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh, RK Mathur, on Monday stressed the need for the construction of polycarbonate greenhouses by the Defense Institute of High Altitude and Research (DIHAR) to promote the production of white kernels apricot (raktsey karpo) and vegetables by local entrepreneurs.

During his visit to the Leh based DIHAR of the Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Mathur stressed on the need for the commercialization process of white kernels apricot by local entrepreneurs and solar energy power plant to cater to power, water, and heating needs at the household level in scattered habitations.

The scientific endeavor of DIHAR, targeting both local and armed forces, is contributing towards socio-economic development of the area, said Mathur.

Later, he was given a detailed tour of DIHAR by the Director DIHAR Dr. OP Chaurasia, accompanied by Senior Scientist DIHAR Dr. Dorjey Angchuk, Head Animal Science Division DRDO Colonel Manoj Batra, and concerned scientists.

He was briefed about various versions of greenhouses from trench houses to polythene to polycarbonate greenhouses, their improved version, and their functionalities.

Earlier, Dr. Dorjey Angchuk briefed Mathur about the overall function, research studies, and achievements of laboratories of DIHAR through a power-point presentation.