Senior Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar, who had on Tuesday, justified his “neech aadmi” remark that he made for PM Modi in December 2017, lost his cool when he was asked about his article written for Rising Kashmir in which he has justified the slur “neech aadmi”.

Aiyar, who is staying at a Punjab government guest house in Shimla, was asked specifically about his article published on Tuesday in which he said that he was prophetic in his description that Modi would be ousted by the voters on May 23, lost his composure over the questions and shook his fist at the reporters and said, “I hate you”, accusing the media of promoting selective quotes.

Aiyar, who is a vocal critic of the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi had made a comment in December 2017 just before the Gujarat assembly elections in which he had called PM Modi “neech aadmi (vile man)” following which he was suspended from the Congress party.

In his article, Aiyar has attacked PM Modi on a range of issues, right from his educational qualifications to Indian Air Force’s strikes at Balakot, Rajiv Gandhi using INS Viraat, his recent claims of how with his suggestion the IAF fooled Pakistani radars by taking advantage of the clouds, among other issues.

“Remember how I described him on 7 December 2017? Was I not prophetic?” Aiyar had said on Tuesday.