A 17-year-old girl in Kerala’s Kochi died after she was set on fire allegedly by a 24-year-old distant relative who wanted to marry her. Both the victim and accused died in the incident.

The girl was repeatedly asked by Midhun for marrying him but her family refused him many a times. They even complained to the police. Midhun told the police, he will not chase her anymore.

According to the police, “Midhun had expressed his interest to marry the victim. However, the girl’s family turned down the request as she was very young.”

But Midhun reached the teen’s house early morning on Thursday and insisted on meeting the girl. He was stopped by her father. When the girl came out of the house, Midhun allegedly poured petrol on her and set her on fire. The teen’s father is also said to have sustained injuries in attempts to save her. Midhun too caught fire in his attempt.

Immediately, both of them were taken to Ernakulam Medical College. Hospital declared them dead.