Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar held a “candid and completely non-political” conversation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at 7 Lok Kalyan Marg, which he has termed as a “breather” in election time.

“While the whole country is talking elections and politics, here’s a breather. Privileged to have done this candid and COMPLETELY NON POLITICAL freewheeling conversation with our PM @narendramodi (sic.)” Kumar wrote on his Twitter account.

In his chat with Akshay Kumar, PM Modi said he never thought that he would become the prime minister.

“The kind of background I come from even if I would have got a decent job my mother would have been distributing laddoos among neighbours. This is unnatural for me, sometimes I am amazed why the country loves me so much,” PM Modi said.

He said he joined the Ram Krishna Mission as he was inspired by people associated with the mission.

On being asked if he ever gets angry, PM Modi said he doesn’t. “Anger is a part of human nature. These are emotions that just spread negativity,” he said.

Explaining on how he controlled his anger and emotions, the Prime Minister said, “Earlier, when I got overwhelmed with emotions, I would write it all on a paper then I would analyse the course of events. This would help me realise my own mistake. But of course, I no longer have that much time. Basically, this is how trained myself to respond to situations.”

Speaking on why his family does not live with him, PM Modi said since his childhood, he has been on his own which has led to a detachment. “Later, even if I called my mother to live with me she wanted to spend time in her village. Also, I didn’t get enough time to spend with her,” he added.

In his interaction with Akshay Kumar, PM Modi said he has been a disciplined person throughout his life. He said humour has been a part of his nature, just to lighten the atmosphere. He, however, said that he avoids humour in today’s times as jokes taken out of context can be scary.

On his friendship with some leaders in the opposition, he says, “Ghulam Nabi Azad is very friendly. I should not be saying this in the election season. Mamata di sends me gifts. Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina used to send me sweets, now even Mamata di sends me sweets and kurtas.”

He also spoke about his friendship with former US president Barack Obama.

“Whenever Barack Obama meets me, we share jokes, there is a friendly exchange,” he said.

When asked about his fashion style, he said being careful about his appearance could possibly be a psychological reaction to an inferiority complex he felt growing up poor.

Kumar also shared a 24-second-long video snippet from the conversation.

“Getting into an unknown and uncharted territory today. Doing something I have never done before. Excited and nervous both. Stay tuned for updates,” said the actor on Monday, who has starred in a series of patriotic and social issue-driven films in recent years.

Hours after the cryptic tweet sparked speculation that he would be taking a political plunge Monday, he dispelled the rumours, saying “Grateful for all the interest shown in my previous tweet but just clarifying in light of some wild speculation, I am not contesting elections.”