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Let knowledge come from all directions: Yogi

The CM said that UP is a revenue surplus state in the country.

Statesman News Service | Lucknow |

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that UP is the centre of the country’s spiritual and religious traditions and represents it before the country and the world. UP is considered a state with limitless possibilities, he added.
Attending the Higher Education Conclave here on Saturday, the CM said: “We frequently overlook the leadership that India has provided to the globe in the realm of education, where India has been hailed as a Vishwa Guru with UP being its base land.”
The CM said that when Indian scholars must have given the mantra of “Aano bhadra krtavo yantu vishwatah,” they were motivated to believe that one must acquire knowledge from whatever source it may come from.
“In 2020, when the world was suffering from the coronavirus, PM Modi presented the feeling of being a world guru in the field of ancient education by giving the country a National Education Policy.”
The CM emphasised that we cannot escape our social obligations. Everyone, whether a minister or a commoner, is subject to the same act and system. We must have solid infrastructure, professors, a digital library, and a healthy environment for the institution, but no deviation from Indian principles and ideals should be allowed.
The CM informed that investment proposals worth Rs 1.57 lakh crores have been received ahead of GIS only in the  education sector. With this, new universities and centers of education will be established as models.
The CM said that the National Education Policy gives freedom to establish campuses of international universities,  but have we been able to plan for this? The environment needs to be changed. To move in this direction, new work must be done. Innovation requires a drive among young people.
The CM said that UP has travelled a long way in the last 5–6 years. The UP economy has nearly doubled during this time, as has the per capita income. There have been new models established for infrastructure development in addition to an improvement in the law and order situation.
“Today, as UP has started fresh initiatives to make the state a one trillion dollar economy to further PM Modi’s vision, we can contribute to increasing the limitless possibilities in the field of education.”
New standards have been created. In that direction, thoughtful analysis can be done, knowledge can be shared, sources and innovation can be expanded to every part of the state, and UP can once again be developed as the best hub of education, he said.
The CM said that UP is a revenue surplus state in the country. UP has the most fertile land and the best water resources. Previously, no one was aware of the government’s schemes. Efforts have been underway for the past six years. 16 percent of the country’s population is in UP, but we have only 11 per cent of the arable land. In this land, UP alone is producing 20 percent food grains for the country today.
“In each district now, there is a Krishi Vigyan Kendra. There are 4 agricultural universities operated by the state government. Along with developing them as centers of excellence, new research started. We can produce three times as much food grain on the arable land in UP if we focus on these. Universities will need to be the main focus for this, and we need to work in the direction of setting up new start-ups in agriculture.
The CM said that although UP has the greatest base of MSMEs, it was shrinking until 2017. “In 2017, there was not enough money to cover salaries. We started the work, promoted it as ODOP, did branding, marketed it, and gave new design and technology.

“As a result, UP’s exports more than doubled. MSMEs export goods worth more than Rs 1.60 lakh crore today. In this, new start-ups may also be established. UP has 96 lakh MSME units. UP has skill power.”

‘UP is the youngest state in India’ 

The CM said that as India is the youngest country in the world, UP is also the youngest state in India. “We have the most youth. They must move forward because they have limitless options.
“The UN gave the world the target of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, so is this work only for the government? The organizations must join this program by taking these responsibilities.”
Speaking about eradicating encephalitis, the CM said that he got the opportunity to represent Gorakhpur as a Member of Parliament for a long time. “There used to be thousands of deaths every year due to encephalitis. The process of death continued for 40 years. No university, medical college or doctor from Eastern UP has written a research paper on it.”
He added: “I stated that I would need to find a solution when I was given the position of Chief Minister in 2017. I built a team to coordinate amongst departments. The disease, which used to result in 1200–1500 deaths annually, has been reduced by 95–97% as a consequence of awareness and sanitation campaigns, among other initiatives. The study could have saved many children’s lives if it had been conducted sooner.”