Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama on Tuesday called on followers of all religions to form closer contact and learn from each other’s traditions to enrich our spiritual experience.

Addressing devotees during 2nd day of his dharma discourse in Bodh Gaya in Bihar, he said the major world religions, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, different Hindu and Buddhist traditions, Jainism, Daoism, Confucianism and so on, each of these has its own unique knowledge that benefits people.

“Therefore, through an exchange of knowledge, we can learn new things from each other,” he said.

Emphasizing its vital role in the spiritual and inner development, Dalai Lama said religion has the potential in bringing together people and that ‘a meaningful exchange could widen and deepen our own spiritual experience’.

“Particularly from Christian brothers and sisters, we as Buddhists could learn how to serve the community and engage in social work. I really feel that we should emulate their exemplary social service,” he said.

Delving into the teachings, he said he looked forward to bestowing the teachings for generation of Bodhichitta later today.

Tomorrow Dalai Lama will give the preliminary and actual initiation of Solidarity Hero Yamantaka. From 28 to 30 December, he will give three days of empowerments on The Wheel of Teachings on Manjushri based on its proximal lineage.

Gaden Tripa, Gaden Trisur, Jangtse Choeje, Sharpa Choeje, Sakya Trizin and many other spiritual heads are attending the discourse in Bodh Gaya.

Over 15,000 devotees have registered for the teachings which includes over 7000 monks, 1250 nuns, 1555 Geshes and Abbots, 15 Geshemas and 1665 visitors from 71 countries.