In view of the huge rush of pilgrims during Kumbh Mela at Prayagraj, the Railway Board has decided to issue unreserved tickets as a special case, during the mela period, with some guidelines.

Advance booking period of 15 days, including the date of journey, is allowed for return journey tickets purchased from Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS) from any station on Indian Railways for journey to any of the 12 stations in the Allahabad Region serving the Mahakumbh Mela — Allahabad Junction, Allahabad City, Naini, Subderganj, Rambag, Prayag, Prayag Ghat, Daraganj, Phaphumau, Jhusi, Vindhyachal, Chheoki — and back.

However, no refund shall be allowed on such return journey tickets. This facility shall be available for tickets purchased on or after 11 January till 6 March.

To cope with heavy rush of pilgrims during Mahakumbh Mela, the Eastern Railway has provided additional stoppages of some Mail/Express trains for the period from 13 January to 23 January (11 days) and again from 2 February to 21 February (20 days).

Mahakumbh: Trains and special stoppages 

12367/12368 Bhagalpur-Ananad Vihar Vikramshila Express: Etawah and Allahabad

12987/12988 Sealdah-Ajmer Express: Etawah

12319/12320 Kolkata-Agra Cantt. Express: Allahabad

12329/12330 Sealdah-Anand Vihar Sampark Kranti Express: Allahabad

12379/12380 Sealdah-Amritsar Jallianwalabagh Express: Allahabad

12307/12308 Howrah-Jodhpur Express: Vindhyachal

12335/12336 Bhagalpur Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Express: Vindhyachal