Kerala lottery results 2019: Kerala Lottery Win Win W 513 results 2019 was announced on Monday, 20 May, by the Department of Kerala State Lotteries.

A draw was held at Thiruvananthapuram’s Gorky Bhawan at 3 pm, following which the complete results were uploaded on the official website

Holders of Kerala Win Win W 513 tickets are advised to visit the official website and match their ticket numbers with those on the winner list.

Steps to check Kerala Win Win W-513 lottery results 2019

– Visit official website

– Click on the ‘lottery results’ tab

– Click on ‘view’ tab next to Win Win (W-513) tab

– Kerala Win Win W 513 results 2019 will open in PDF file

– Match lottery number with the winner list.

The bumper prize under Kerala Win Win W 513 lottery is Rs 65 lakh, which was won by a ticket holder from Thrissur.

The first prize is followed by second prize of Rs 10 lakh and third prize of Rs 1 lakh. Prizes are given up to the seventh place, which has a winning amount of Rs 100.

Winners of first, second, third and consolation prizes:

First prize:

WY 305457 (THRISSUR)

Second prize:


Third prize:



WP 810444 (WAYANAD)

WR 757915 (KOLLAM)



WU 582225 (KANNUR)

WV 819807 (IDUKKI)

WW 159273 (KOTTAYAM)



WZ 551436 (THRISSUR)

Consolation prize:

WN 305457 WO 305457 WP 305457 WR 305457

WS 305457 WT 305457 WU 305457 WV 305457

WW 305457 WX 305457 WZ 305457

The winning tickets have to be surrendered within 30 days.

The winners can claim the prize money from any lottery shop in the state if the amount is less than Rs 5,000. If the amount exceeds Rs 5,000, the tickets will have to be surrendered before a bank or the government lottery office with valid ID proofs.