What happens when we take more than we need? The answer to this not-so-complex riddle lies in the question itself — problems.

The discourse of resource sharing and its optimum utilisation, equal distribution of natural wealth has been centered around political writings and speeches.

However, we fail to realise the implication of our lack of comprehension of the issue, which not only concerns us but our future generations who are waiting as our relay partner in this journey to future.

Our constant need to put our wants above others and our zero understanding of their needs may lead to an unfinished journey.

In relation to this journey, a video created by TATA’s Doors of India initiative is being widely shared on the social media, which catches our attention to the pressing matter that otherwise evades us on a daily basis.

In the video, two groups were invited to participate in a sit-and-draw activity. The first group consisting of adults was provided with some colours and sketching sheets with an advisory that a second group would be using the resources spared by them. The group went on to make green and sunny sketches, while using up the best and vibrant colours from the resources.

The second group, which consisted of children, were left with all dark shades. As all the green and vibrant colours were exhausted by the first group, the children could only draw dark sketches.

After the exercise, the two groups were introduced to each other, unbeknownst to the adult group that the second group comprises of children. Their sketches were reviewed, which reflected hoarding of green/vibrant colours by the adult group.

The purpose of the exercise was to draw parallels to our actions in hoarding resources and exhausting them without any reproach in our daily lives. The sketching exercise was meant to remind people that if we exhaust all our greens, nothing of it would be left for our future generation.

Watch the video here: