Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday taking a swipe at  his Gujarat counterpart said that instead of buying a Rs 191 crore-plane for himself he preferred to provide free ride to women in public transport buses. He said that opposition parties were getting “uncomfortable” by his government’s schemes for facilitating people.

“We allowed free travel to women in public transport buses and the opposition raised noise over it. People ask where did the money for it come from. The chief minister of a state bought a plane worth Rs. 191 crore for himself. I did not buy a plane and instead made travel free for my sisters,” CM Kejriwal said at Rithala.

The AAP government provided for free travel in public transport buses for women in Delhi from October 29.

The BJP criticized the Delhi government’s step, coming a few months before the Delhi Assembly polls due early next year,  and called it a “freebie” for political gains.

Inaugurating construction of roads in Rohini under Rithala Assembly constituency, Kejriwal said opposition parties were not happy with his government’s schemes for the people.

“We made 200 units of power consumption free and opposition leaders are opposing it. Their MPs get free 4,000 units free, but if a driver gets it, they are pained,” he said.

The chief minister also said that the road construction cost will be reduced by recycling old road material.

He said the new roads will be constructed by digging up the old ones and reusing the dug up material. He said the technique will save 30 per cent of construction cost.

The technique which will overcome the problem of uneven road surface, was available earlier but was not employed due to corruption, he said.