The foundation stone for widening the Delhi-Saharanpur highway in Bagpat district was laid on Tuesday by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari.

Addressing a gathering in Baraut town of the district on Tuesday after laying the foundation stone, Gadkari said the highway would bring development to the area. He said every village should have good roads and gas connections to elevate the standard of lives in villages.

He said changes are taking place in the country and soon ethanol would be extracted from molasses which is a biproduct of sugarcane during process of making sugar. This ethanol would be mixed in the petrol. He said he is anxiously waiting for the day when ethanol will be used as fuel to operate tractors of farmers.

Talking about the cleaning of rivers, Gadkari said a Rs 100 crore project for Bagpat to prevent untreated water flowing into the Yamuna river which passes through the district has been sanctioned. Also cleaning of 60-80% water of Ganga is being done.

Addressing the gathering, CM Yogi said the BJP is now touching new heights of development. He claimed there are sufficient jobs for potential candidates. More than 97,000 vacancies of teachers are lying vacant and 90,000 vacancies of police are expected to be advertised soon. He reiterated that the state government had rendered 1.2 lakh km roads free from potholes.

Yogi Adityanath advised farmers to take to multicropping along with sugarcane and said that they could avail benefit of Delhi`s market which is close by. He said his government worked hard to ensure payment of sugarcane dues to farmers.

The CM targetted Congress, BSP and SP, and said they divided society on caste lines.

Gadkari and Yogi felicitated players who won medals at international events and the CM declared that a world class stadium would be constructed in Baraut so that players could avail best facilities.

The 124 km Delhi-Saharanpur highway would be constructed in three phases by spending Rs 1505 crore and BJP leader s claimed that it would bring prosperity in the region.