First Coronavirus related death from Meerut was reported on Wednesday when 72-year-old Abdul Ahmad died in the afternoon at LLRM Medical College isolation ward during the course of the treatment.

Abdul Ahmad was the father-in-law of Ikramul Hasan, the first Corona positive case reported in Meerut who transmitted the virus to many others during his stay with his in-laws here including the deceased.

LLRM Medical College principal Dr RC Gupta confirmed the death.

Dr Gupta said Ahmad was admitted to the isolation ward of the Medical College hospital on March 29 after he was tested positive. Ahmad was a diabetic and suffered from respiratory problems.

“His condition was stable until Tuesday and he was on oxygen. But his condition started deteriorating in the night after which he was taken on a ventilator. He, however, passed away struggling for life on Wednesday afternoon,” told Dr. Gupta.

Ikramul Hasan arrived in Meerut on March 18 from Amravati in Maharashtra where he stayed with his in-laws. After symptoms of Coronavirus were observed, Hasan was taken to a hospital where he tested positive on March 27. He was admitted to the isolation ward and people who had come in contact with him were identified. His wife and three brothers-in-law also tested positive and later, eight others, including his father-in-law. In all, 19 persons have tested positive of COVID 19 in Meerut.

Meanwhile, the dead body of Ahmad is being handed over to the police. The body has been sealed in a three-layer bag as per the directions and it would be handed over to the police, said Dr. Gupta adding that the police will ensure that the last rites of the deceased are conducted as per the directions and in the presence of very few people so that further spread of the virus could be prevented, he added.