National Conference President Farooq Abdullah on Wednesday said that governor’s rule is an autocratic rule and there is no substitute for a popularly elected government.

“National Conference has been impressing on the incumbent administration to hold elections as soon as possible. We believe that an elected government would be able to deliver in a better way,” he said.

He expressed grief over the recent civilian killings in Pulwama.

“It is unfortunate that to see civilian killings become a norm. The forces should have used less lethal weapons to quell the protests,” he said adding, “Violence will beget violence, the propensity of the situation calls for a reconciliation and rapprochement policy.”

Farooq asserted that forces which have been contriving to divide the people of the state will tend to use money power to disembark us from the path of unity. “The need of the hour is to maintain unity so that we are able to put up a strong front for the cause of state and our people,” he said.