In order to curb incidents of snatching, check water logging, encroachment and illegal parking on campus, the Delhi University (DU) has set up a 20-member task force.

According to a notification issued by DU on October 17, the task force has been constituted to deal with the issues concerning peace, safety, security and privacy of students in the university enclave area. The first meeting on the task force will be held on October 21.

The task force constituted of college principals, former and current members of academic council and professors from various departments of the varsity.

“There is a lot of chaos these days due to overcrowding, illegal parking etc. The task force will ensure a campus where learning takes place without any kind of worries, anxieties or insecurities,” said Hansraj Suman, a professor in the university who has been chosen as a member of the task force.

He further said that the move is aimed at ensuring a clean, green and safe university campus.

Another professor and a member of the task force, Rasal Singh said, “The committee will also ensure that the campus is friendly for PWDs (Persons with disabilities) too. It will also look into the issues of water-logging during rains, entry of private vehicles, illegal construction, encroachments etc.,”

The panel would put forward recommendations, especially focusing on the issue of privacy and safety of girl students and female faculty members.