The damage assessment report on cyclone Fani estimated a total damage and loss at Rs 24,176 crore and recovery needs at Rs 29,315 crore.

The Cyclone Fani , Damage, Loss and Needs Assessment (DLNA) report was released by Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Tuesday. The report is expected to contribute towards expediting the reconstruction and recovery processes in the state.

“The damage assessment report would provide a way forward to recovery of the state from the cyclone as well as develop a better preparedness strategy for the future,” said Patnaik. The CM invited international agencies, national NGOs, members of private sector and the civil society to come forward and contribute in the recovery and reconstruction efforts to rebuild Odisha.

The extremely severe cyclonic storm Fani, hit the coast of Odisha on May 3, and had caused extensive damage to life and property of more than 1.65 crore people in 14 districts of the state. Post the cyclone, the state government under the guidance of the Centre and in collaboration with the World Bank, Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the United Nations (UN), undertook the DLNA to support the recovery process.

The assessment spanned over a period of 20 days comprising a team of more than 100 multi-sectoral experts from the World Bank, ADB and various agencies of the UN along with officials from several departments of the state government and local NGOs.

The infrastructure sectors, which constitute about 42 per cent of the total needs and the social sectors which include housing, constitute 36 per cent of the total needs, were the hardest hit as per the report.

DLNA report provides an overview of the macroeconomic and human impact of the disaster and is a first step towards laying recovery roadmaps and achievement of a vision for Odisha which is a cyclone-prone state.

The report proposes a recovery strategy built around three pillars, resilient housing, resilient infrastructure and resilient livelihoods.