India reported 921 new cases of coronavirus on Friday, taking the number of active cases to 17,610. The country has reported 718 deaths and 4,748 recoveries till now. With this, the total number of cases in India reached 23,077. Maharashtra, which has the highest number of cases in the country, added 778 infections to its tally, making the total at 6,430 cases.

A four-month old infant who had tested positive for COVID-19 died on Friday morning in Kerala’s Kozhikode. The child was also suffering from heart ailments. The child’s parents haven’t contracted the virus, however a distant relative had tested positive earlier.

The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases around the world is at 2,699,338, while 188,437 deaths have been recorded, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Meanwhile, Remdesivir, a drug thought to be one of the best prospects for treating COVID-19, failed to have any effect in the first full trial, according to a recent report. It is one of the drugs Donald Trump claimed was “promising”. The Guardian reports, In a “gold standard” trial of 237 patients, some of whom received remdesivir while others did not, the drug did not work. The trial was also stopped early because of side-effects.

US unemployment continues to grow as an additional 4.4 million Americans filed for unemployment last week adding to a total of over 26 million since the coronavirus pandemic shut down parts of the country and brought its economy to a standstill.