Congress calls BJP an ISI-certified party

Jyotiraditya Scindia (PHOTO: Facebook)

Terming the BJP as a party certified by Pakistan's spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), the Congress on Friday demanded a Supreme Court-monitored probe into the ISI-linked espionage ring busted in Madhya Pradesh.

The Congress said there should be a probe into the alleged BJP-ISI links as three of 11 persons arrested in Madhya Pradesh had alleged links with the ruling party.

The Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) on Thursday busted an espionage ring in Bhopal and arrested 11 persons allegedly working for the ISI and passing sensitive information of strategic importance across the border.


The ATS also unearthed several clandestine telephone exchanges, thousands of SIM cards and a large number of mobile phones used for establishing contact with ISI officials.

"The spy network has passed sensitive and strategic information to the ISI and other agencies in Pakistan. When they were caught, it was revealed that the network has spread nationwide. Telephone exchanges have been established in four big cities.

The links of these anti-national elements have been found with the Bharatiya Janata Party. It is the first political party in the world to become an ISI-certified party. This is the true face and character of the BJP," said senior Congress spokesperson Jyotiraditya Scindia.

"The inquiry and investigation into the matter should be handed over to the CBI and the Supreme Court should monitor the probe. The BJP has compromised with the national security. There can't be any kind of compromise on the internal security of the country," he said.

According to Scindia, at least three of the 11 arrested were associated with the BJP.

"Dhruv Saxena, who was caught from Bhopal, was a member of BJP's IT cell and Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha. He also had strong links with many BJP leaders. There are pictures of him with Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister and BJP's national General Secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya," said Scindia.

"Jitendra Singh, who was arrested from Gwalior, also has close links with many BJP leaders.

Balram Singh, who is associated with the Bajrang Dal, is the mastermind of the spy network. The fund flow to the spies was executed through him. He was also involved in transferring foreign currencies to the spies from the ISI accounts," Scindia said.

"The fourth person is Ashish Singh Rathore, who is a member of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP). The VHP had recently expelled him," he added.

Hitting out at the BJP, Scindia said the ruling party which talks about nationalism, had been found providing shelter to anti-national elements.

"A member of the Bajrang Dal, which talks about patriotism, has been found to be the mastermind of the spy network," he said.

Scindia also said the Madhya Pradesh government has completely failed in controlling jailbreaks in the state by the SIMI activists.

"ISI network is functioning under their nose, and they no information about it. Internal security in the state has collapsed," he added.

Posing a few questions to the BJP, Congress asked if a political party should do a background check of their members, if any member of the party is found to be a traitor, shouldn't there be an investigation against the party as well.

"Should the government be busy only with election campaigning and not on internal security of the county," asked Scindia.

Asked about Army Chief General Bipin Rawat's warning to Kashmiri locals against supporting militants, Scindia said: "Internal security is a very serious issue. But there should not any kind of torture on the innocents. Restraint should be maintained in handling such situations. 

"Nobody wants to give shelter to the militants.Those who are involved in wrongdoings, should be probed. But the manner in which children were blinded in Kashmir last year is unacceptable," he added.