Congress-BJP workers clash over Rahul row in C’garh

Counting of votes for BJP-ruled Himachal Assembly begins

(Photo: SNS)

Congress and BJP workers fought a pitched battle with each other in capital Raipur over the disqualification of former Congress president Rahul Gandhi from his Lok Sabha membership on Friday. During the clash both sides pelted stones at each other freely.

It all began with the Congress workers attacking the Ekatm Parisar, district BJP office situated in the heart of the city this afternoon. The Congressmen blackened the posters of BJP leaders, pelted stones and clashed with a handful of saffron workers present then. However, police managed to disperse the advancing Congressmen from the principal Opposition party headquarters after a long persuasion.

In the melee, hundreds of saffron cadres, who had poured in to defend the party office, marched towards the Rajiv Bhavan, the state Congress office to retaliate. Police contingent guarding the ruling party’s office failed to push the saffron crowd away and they also blackened posters and walls in Congress headquarters.


The clashes broke out once again with the Congress activists pelting stones and eggs and in turn the invading crowd did the same.

BJP Yuva Morcha District President Govinda Gupta sustained head injury during these scuffles. He has been sent to the hospital for treatment, the police said.

“Congress ‘goons’ wanted to enter the BJP office and attack. We stopped them with great difficulty. The condition of law and order is so bad. The hooliganism of Congressmen cannot be ignored,” BJP leader Anurag Agrawal alleged.