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Centre directs States to ‘seal borders, ensure 14-day quarantine for migrants’

The circular further said action should be taken against landlords who are asking such tenants to vacate.

SNS | New Delhi |

After the lockdown going off-track into its five days since the announcement, the Centre has asked the states to seal borders and encourage migrant labourers to stay where they are by providing food and wages.

Cabinet secretary and Ministry of Home Affairs are in constant touch with State Chief Secretaries and DGPs in this regards.

“Video Conferences were held by Cabinet Secretary and Home Secretary yesterday evening and today morning with Chief Secretaries and DGPs,” Centre government said in a statement.

The circular further said action should be taken against landlords who are asking such tenants to vacate.

“House Rent should not be demanded from the labourers for this period. Action should be taken against those who are asking labourers or students to vacate the premises,” it said.

The Centre assured availability of food and other essentials to the people during this period.

“It was impressed upon all the States that three weeks of strict enforcement is essential to contain the spread of coronavirus. This is in the interest of everyone,” the order said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 21-day lockdown to contain the spread of deadly coronavirus has created chaos among the migrant workers in the national capital and other big cities, where such migrant workers have been living to make money.

After the lockdown, they are left with no work and money forcing them to move back to their hometowns.

Last evening, thousands of people were seen attempting to board buses at Delhi’s Anand Vihar as the government had announced plying of some buses for such stranded migrant workers.

However, the interstate buses were stopped this morning after running for roughly two days to avoid any further chaos. Those who reached the bus terminuses in Delhi were asked to go home by the police.

In the circular, the states have also been asked to stop incoming buses at the border and place the occupants on a mandatory 14-day quarantine. Food and other essentials should be made available to such people during this period.