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Try these Monsoon-special destinations!!!

You will undoubtedly alter your mind about the wonderful rainy season after reading the breathtakingly beautiful monsoon places in India.

Statesman News Service | New Delhi |

Monsoon-special destinations: The rains are amazing in India. This is a time when the mountains’ luxuriant greenery, the lakes’ overflowing water, and spectacular rainbows over waterfalls all combine to produce an idyllic view that is impossible to resist and a particular fascination for holidays amid downpours. Despite the fact that the majority of tourists do not consider this to be a suitable time to go, You will undoubtedly alter your mind about the wonderful rainy season after reading the breathtakingly beautiful monsoon places in India.


Mumabi, the city that never sleeps, definitely needs a break. ‘Lonavala’ is the one that’s right there next to you. The ghats and Sahyadri mountain ranges come to life with enticing vegetation, stunning waterfalls, and a environment with the arrival of monsoon. The charming hill village of Lonavala is brief and quick getaway from the busy metropolis. With lots of waterfalls, lakes and hill around one can enjoy many activities such as trekking, sightseeing, camping, and horseback riding etc.

You may get there by rail or by plane. Lonavala has its own railway station, where almost all trains on this route stop. Mumbai Airport, located 89 kilometers away, is the nearest airport.


It is well-known for its dense forest cover, but it is also a biodiversity hotspot with a diverse range of plants and wildlife. This romantic getaway features gorgeous waterfalls, lakes, enormous coffee farms, and delectable meals to satisfy your palate.Nature enthusiasts will appreciate this. Major attractions to Visit the second-highest waterfall in India, Jog Falls, in Karnataka, see the wildlife in Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, and go on an exhilarating walk at Kotebetta. The closest airport is Mysore Airport, while the closest train station is Mysore Junction.


Meghalaya’s Shillong

Shillong in Meghalaya, which is located in the home of the clouds, is ranked first among the greatest places to visit in India during the monsoon season. The hill town, which is well known for its allurement, is even more stunning during the monsoon season. This location is ideal for a holiday if you don’t mind getting wet. The reasons to go there are the foggy skies, the luxuriant greenery, and the thundering waterfalls.

You must see Elephant Falls and the spread Eagle Falls during the wet season. These two waterfalls, which are both fed by rain, are stunning to see. Your senses are calmed by the town’s pleasant atmosphere. Food, especially the specialties from the area, and inexpensive drinks set the tone for a relaxing vacation.

Uttarakhand’s Valley of Flowers

One of the most stunning sites on earth is Uttarakhand’s Valley of Flowers. The monsoon season is the finest time to visit because the mountain flowers, which come in every colour imaginable, blossom after the rain. Where else can you see the splendor of more than 400 different flower kinds in full bloom? Only after a lovely, short hike can you reach this valley, which is a part of the national park. The Valley of Flowers is the perfect location for a fantastic walking excursion. It is a fantastic location for a monsoon holiday because of the beauty of the mountains and the breathtaking vista of rare flowers in various colours

 Jammu and Kashmir’s Ladakh 

From September 17 to September 27, there is a festival called Ladakh. It’s a spectacular show that you simply must see! This chilly Indian desert is undoubtedly on the bucket lists of many tourists, and it lives up to their expectations. It is quite lovely, with its many mountain passes, dazzling lakes with clean water encircled by powerful mountains covered in snow. The roads are clear for driving in the summer and after the monsoon, unlike in the winter, making this a must-see location. Ideal for adventure and culture vultures.


Darjeeling has a unique appeal that never gets old, no matter how often you visit. The Queen of Hills, which is situated directly at the foothills of the Himalayas, is one of the best locations to visit during the rainy season. Monsoon season makes visiting a tea plantation and riding a toy train much more enjoyable. During monsoon season, it is best to simply take in the stunning scenery from the comfortable hotel suites. The closest rail hub for important Indian cities including Kolkata, Delhi, Guwahati, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Bhubaneshwar, and Cochin is New Jalpaiguri. Another choice is to catch a direct flight out of Kolkata.

Gujarat’s Kutch

The Dhinodhar hill in Kutch becomes one of the most captivating sites when the monsoon clouds cover it. If you want to see the alluring sight of the endless desert plains nearing the horizon, monsoon is the best season to schedule your vacation. Because of the picturesque splendor, which is made even more alluring when submerged in water, this is the greatest location for nature enthusiasts. The closest airport is Bhuj, and another choice is the Kutch Express, which runs from Mumbai via Ahmedabad to Gandhidham. From there, you can take a road trip to get to Kutch