Legendary actress Sridevi was consigned to flames on 28 February, four days after her death in Dubai. The Dubai police in its investigation had ruled her death a case of ‘accidental drowning’ leading to all kinds of speculations in the media.

Now, responding to a question, the MEA said that the necessary papers for the deportation of the body were provided to the Indian officials by UAE officials.

“To the best of my knowledge, the paperwork from UAE government was handed over to us based on which the mortal remains were brought to India. Had there been anything suspicious, it would have emerged by now,” Raveesh Kumar, MEA Spokesperson said on Friday.

When asked whom was the body handed over, the MEA said that the process in all such cases is that the Indian officials hands the mortal remains to the person authorised by the relatives and friends of the deceased.

Sridevi passed away at age 54 on 24 February in Dubai where she was attending the marriage of her nephew Mohit Marwah. Investigation into her death began early on Sunday morning.

It was initially reported that she died of cardiac arrest. The Dubai Police had said that she died of accidental drowning and handed over the case to Dubai Public Prosecution.

The Dubai Public Prosecution later allowed the family to take her mortal remains to India, where she was cremated will full state honours at Mumbai’s Seva Samaj Crematorium.