The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a massive shortage of surgical masks and other protective gear world over including United States. Amidst this dire need of an essential commodity, tailors in Gujarat have stood up to help the society.

A video that surfaced on Twitter has shown how tailors from the Morbi district are making masks and distributing it to the needy for free. The noble gesture at this time of crisis is being applauded by the netizens and inspires people who have the resources to contribute their bit.

The coronavirus pandemic which has claimed more than 22,000 lives worldwide has forced many companies in China and elsewhere to produce more masks. A report by Wall Street Journal says, China’s auto makers, the world’s biggest iPhone assembler and even state-owned energy companies are using their assembly lines to pump out more face masks and other medical supplies as the country responds to a coronavirus outbreak that has spread around the world.

Masks are crucial for health care workers, doctors, and nurses working on the front lines of the disease to have the proper protective gear to lower the risk of contracting Covid-19.

According to Vox, America’s mask supply is being so rapidly depleted that even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has suggested homemade masks, like bandanas or scarves, “as a last resort” for health care providers in “settings where face masks are not available.”