Kerala Akshaya AK374 Lottery Results 2018: The Kerala state lottery department announced the results of the Kerala Akshaya AK374 lottery at 3 pm today.

An hour after the announcement of the results via a draw, at 4 pm, the complete list of winners was uploaded on the official website of Kerala lotteries,

Direct Link to Kerala Akshaya AK 374 Lottery Results 2018:

The list was published alongside the respective prize money in a pdf file.

Those holding Akshaya AK374 lottery tickets can check their numbers against the list of winners on the official website:

The following are the prize monies under the Kerala Akshaya AK374 lottery:

First Prize: Rs 60 lakh

Second Prize: Rs 5 lakh

Third Prize: Rs 1 lakh

Consolation Prize: Rs 8000

Fourth Prize: Rs 5000

Fifth Prize: Rs 2000

Sixth Prize: Rs 1000

Seventh Prize: Rs 700

Eighth Prize: Rs 100

The first prize of Rs 60 lakh went to a ticket holder from <>, while the second of Rs 5 lakh was won by a ticket holder from <>.

Kerala Akshaya AK374 draw was held at Gorkey Bhavan at Thiruvananthapuram.

Here are the winning numbers of 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes.

1st Prize: Rs 6000000 – AT 780256 (KOZHIKKODE)
Consolation Prize: Rs 8000 – AN 780256, AO 780256, AP 780256, AR 780256, AS 780256, AU 780256, AV 780256, AW 780256, AX 780256, AY 780256, AZ 780256
2nd Prize: Rs 500000 – AY 120077 (PATHANAMTHITTA)
3rd Prize: Rs 100000 – AN 423514 (KOZHIKKODE), AO 308265 (THIRUVANANTHAPURAM), AP 490605 (ERNAKULAM), AR 635186 (PALAKKAD), AS 643523 (PALAKKAD), AT 706077 (THRISSUR), AU 839152 (THRISSUR), AV 745921 (KOTTAYAM), AW 525331 (PALAKKAD), AX 870766 (THRISSUR), AY 230111 (ERNAKULAM), AZ 147534 (WAYANAD)

How to check Kerala Akshaya AK374 results 2018

– Log on to official website

– Click on the ‘Lottery Result’ tab on the homepage

– Click on ‘Akshaya AK374’ tab

– The winner list will be available in PDF format. Check your lottery number against the list.

The price of a single ticket is Rs 30, while the entire book of tickets costs Rs 750.

Winners of prize money above Rs 5,000 will have to submit their tickets before a bank or government lottery office with ID proofs.

Results can directly be accessed here.

Heavy traffic on the official website of Kerala lottery might slow down the webpage. In such case, ticket holders are advised to stay calm and try to refresh the webpage short intervals.