Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Friday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Gujarat’s BJP government over “grabbing the land” of Adivasis and neglecting them, and asked “where did Rs 55,000 crore meant for Vanbandhu scheme go?”.

Gandhi also raised question over “no mention of manifesto” by the BJP for the Gujarat elections.

In his 10th question as part of a Congress strategy of putting one question daily to Modi ahead of the Gujarat Assembly polls, Gandhi tweeted: “Grabbed the land of the Adivasis, their right over the forest was denied. Lakhs of legal documents for land ownership are stuck (have not been issued).

“Neither schools are functional, nor do they have access to hospitals. Neither homeless has been provided a house, nor youth have jobs.

“Neglect left Adivasi society in tatters, Modiji where did Rs 55,000 crore for Vanbandhu scheme go?” asked Gandhi.

The scheme was launched in 2014 by the Centre for holistic development and welfare of the tribal population in India.

Earlier, Gandhi said BJP has shown “unbelievable disrespect towards the people of Gujarat.”

“Campaign is over and still no mention of a manifesto for the people, no vision and no ideas presented for Gujarat’s future,” Gandhi said.

Gandhi has been putting one question every day in a bid to take on the Vijay Rupani-led BJP government in Gujarat, where polling will take place on Saturday and December 14.

He previously put posers on unemployment among youth, women safety, education, health, “undue benefit” to power selling companies, state debt and the Prime Minister’s flagship ‘Housing for All’ scheme.