Weddings are the most important part of every person’s life. The entire day is one big and beautiful story and it should be depicted with the best pictures to cherish the lifetime moment. The wedding tales should not look any less than a fairy tale. Even after years of marriage wedding photos are the only source to relive those memoirs. The selection of the wedding photographer is one of the crucial decisions to be made for the wedding.

Here are some points to keep in mind while selecting a wedding photographer.

Budget: The photographer should be in your budget range

Wedding is a grand affair and money should be invested cautiously, especially when it comes to wedding photography. Check the market rates as well before you hire one.

Should be according to your you taste and style

Traditional or western theme-based photography should be according to your taste and style. Every couple has some ideas and dreams of how they want to look in their wedding photos and it should definitely complement their choice of taste. Some photographers are a pro in western and creative wedding shoots and some are better in a staged and traditional photoshoot. It totally depends on you.


Time is the most important part to manage on any occasion and in case of the wedding, it is of the utmost importance. Wasting time is never a good option especially for the bride and groom. They never want to wait or miss any memory from being captured. The photographer is required to be punctual and always be present on the location according to the scheduled functions.

Should know how to make the couple comfortable in front of camera

Being camera conscious is not a problem. It totally depends on the one taking pictures. The photographer should be smart enough to capture the best moments in the smoothest way without troubling the couple much. Weddings are the occasion that brings nervousness and excitement together to the couple. It is up to the photographer how to get advantage of this emotion and take perfect clicks.

Work experience

Having experience in wedding photography is definitely a plus. Wedding shoot requires so much time and patience with creativity. Thus, having prior experience in the field can help create a good reputation of the photographers. Sometimes word of mouth and recommendations are the result of having a good experience.

(Sumit Sahni, Founder, Sumit Productions )