How to keep your pet busy when you are at work

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Observe and discern your little one’s spot and make it as cozy and comfortable as you can. (Representational Image: iStock)

Being a pet parent is not easy, but being a single and working pet parent dealing with a busy lifestyle just adds on to the chaos! While you may love your furry child to death, it might be very hard to maintain a balance between working and devoting time and attention to the little one. In such cases, your pet may get lonely and develop an anxious or aggressive nature. This will harm their physical and mental health while adding on to your worries. However, if you ensure that your little one has all that they need and is engaged even when you are not around, it will certainly help them be happy and feel attended.

In order to ensure that your little one stays comfortable, occupied, and happy even in your absence, here are six important steps that every pet parent should follow:

1 Stock enough food and water


Making sure that your furry child is well-fed throughout the time that you are not around should be your top priority. Ensure that you have stocked an appropriate amount of food and water that they may need in their vicinity. You may also get an automatic dispenser for your pet’s food and water needs. Moreover, you may even opt for long-lasting healthy treats that your pooch may savour for a long while, thereby keeping them busy when you are not around without causing any implications on their health!

2 Know their comfort spot

Each dog has a favourite spot in their house—whether it is the couch in the hall, the space below a shelf, a certain room, the dog house, or even a corner in the hallway. Observe and discern your little one’s spot and make it as cozy and comfortable as you can by putting pillows, blanket, healthy treats, and their favourite toys around. With their favourite spot made so warm and welcoming, it will help your little one feel cozy, safe, and belonged even when you are not around!

3 Engage them in fun games

Playing fun games with your pooch and including those in their daily routine will not only keep them busy but will also help in keeping them physically and mentally fit and active. Moreover you can plan fun little activities with tasty and healthy treats as their reward. This will help in keeping your little one healthy, engaged, and happy while enabling you to discipline them simultaneously through games! You may also introduce your little one to dog puzzles that are complicated in nature or have an infinite loop. This will help them stay put, while providing them with entertainment and distracting them from the fact that you are not around!

4 Leave the television on

Leaving your little one back at home with no trace of any living presence around might render them anxious. Instead, turn your television on when you leave. Know your dog’s favourite channel and tune to the same, saving them a comfortable place before the set and keeping food and water nearby. Dogs like watching the constant action, moving objects and beings, and sounds on television. Therefore, this will help them feel comfortable and stay calm for a longer time, causing little to no havoc in your absence!

5 Enroll at a dog daycare

If socializing and enjoying the company of other dogs is something that your furry one likes and enthusiastically participates in—then you can always opt for daycare programs around. The staff members at such centres are well-trained and equipped with all the know-how of dog care, safety and engagement. However, before enrolling at any of these programs, you should do detailed research including feedback from fellow pet parents to ensure that your little one will definitely be taken care of!

6 Get your little one a new friend

If your furry child enjoys canine company, then you may also consider adopting a second one! While the two might initially need some time and efforts on your end to ensure familiarity and friendliness between them, it will definitely be worth it later on! In such a scenario, they will have each other’s company to play and do their favourite things together in your absence. However, keeping your first dog entertained should never be the sole motive behind getting home another. You need to carefully gauge whether you can invest yourself physically, mentally, and financially into bringing up two canine children before you zero in on a final decision!

Remember that for a dog, there is nothing as important as your attention and love. Therefore, in order to keep them happy and entertained while you are away, you need to ensure that they are engaged in some activity while you are not around. Being occupied will not only help keep the little one happy, but will also substantially minimize the chances of anxiety, bad behavior, and tendencies like incessant barking or creating a mess. And once you are back at home, you can certainly shower them with all the love and attention that is due!

Happy Pet Parenting!

(The writer is founder and CEO at Dogsee Chew)