‘Sincerity and honesty towards your medium as well as towards yourself is the key to success” said Madhu Sarkar, founder of National Academy of Photography in Kolkata, where he conducts workshop on photography courses. The wide range of photography involves natural scenes and textures such as landscapes, wildlife, plants, and close-ups that also include capturing the motion of the animals.

If you enjoy the aesthetic beauty of the natural elements or have a fascination with flora and fauna then such photography is going to enhance your appreciation for all things natural. Having a strong desire for wildlife photography begins with a lot of questions in which you may not understand or receive a proper guidance.

However, make sure to have constant feedback and a good connection with other photographers. “One should understand the capabilities of conscious choice, decision and intention followed by self perception and understanding the reality. Photography has two different parts, one is the technical as you use some instruments and the other is the aesthetic that deals with the beauty of the photograph,” said Sarkar.

You may start your career in a journalistc level as a ladder for the future that will help you explore places and ideas for your upcoming interests. There are different forms and styles of photography which an individual needs to know before landing up as a photographer and specially a wildlife and nature photographer.

One must be aware of the basic camera movements like, high-end crop frame camera body that is accepted along with good quality, tele-photo lenses along with macro lens, but full frame high-end camera body is always preferred. There are international institutions that focuses on the photographic career like California Institutes of Arts, United States; The Arts Institute of San Francisco that can be attended virtually by an online degree; SPEOS Photographic School accredited by the French government collaborated with the giants in the world of photography like Nikon and Canon.

However, there are different institutions in India that focuses on photography as a major subject. Some of the institutions in Kolkata like NSHM Knowledge Campus that provides placement to the best ones with good technical skills. National Institute of Design, a dream institute in Ahmadabad for the aspiring photographers to get into this reputed institute, provides a postgraduate degree of photography design that will give students, an opportunity for an exchange programme to the UK, along with many options of photography to practice in every aspect.

Wildlife photography can be challenging. It basically gives an experience of the rare excitement of this fascinating world giving a natural and habitual form to the pictures which is moreover realistic and nothing fictional. You need to travel and feel convenient in visiting wherever it takes, which then gives you “that one perfect shot”. Most importantly you need to do an intense study about the habit and habitats of wild animals, birds and also insects that are needed apart from technical and aesthetic knowledge of photography understanding the natural light and seasons.

“A photographer as a whole should be a good craftsmanship along with skills, creativity and professionalism as. Followed by the basic rule one should apply, the use of good equipment, not giving stress to the subject for the sake of a picture, one cannot really be unprofessional, unfeeling and selfish. A good patience and positivity gives the best results and a ladder to become a successful one,” said Sarkar.

“Photography is an art of observation, about finding something interesting in an ordinary place which has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them,” said Jaman Ahmed, a student of NSHM Knowledge Campus, Kolkata. As a beginner, he practised with his phone camera to capture the photographs and displaying his perspective to the world. Noticing the light, shadows, patterns, frames expressions and feelings and even the small mundane things is what matters the most. He further suggests the camera he uses for his photography is D3400.

Your creativity lies for the image you take, the location from where you take and focusing from a proper angle. Wildlife and nature photography is particularly one of the best career options one can have for this generation as there are different modes like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media to promote your work.