For city dwellers who are missing, and deprived of the sweet sound of the chirping of birds, Kanpur zoo in Uttar Pradesh is the place to be. They can visit the Kanpur Zoo and listen to the birds in the ‘Virtual Centre’ built here.

How does it happen? The zoo premises resonate with the sound of birds at the press of a button.

Arvind Singh, Kanpur Zoo Assistant Director, told IANS that the Wildlife Institute of India (WII) has set up a ‘Virtual Centre’ at the Kanpur Zoo which provides information about the birds, turtles, dolphins and fishes living along the banks or in the Ganges.

The information about the birds is given in a room sub-divided into three rooms. There is a box on which the names of the birds are written and in which the pre-recorded chirping of the birds can be heard.

“Children between five and 16 years like to come to the Kanpur Zoo where they can learn about the birds around them or the birds about whom they have read only in books,” said Arvind Singh adding that the sound of several dozen birds can be heard by pressing a button. Apart from this, the history of Kanpur and the importance of the Ganga is also highlighted here.

Hundreds of children have come to this centre after the lockdown was lifted. Now a guide will also be present in the zoo who will give information to the children about the birds, Singh said.