Travellers are more interested in exploring the cultural side of a place rather than touristy locations, reveals a new survey.

According to the survey, shared by online accommodation booking website, 64 per cent of the participants want to complete their bucket list with their significant other, read a statement.

The research was conducted by One Poll in September. The data is based on 6,788 respondents across 28 countries where in 300 of them participated from India.

Trying unique street food (33 per cent), learning new languages and skills (30 per cent) and skydiving (43 per cent) featured higher than visiting the Eiffel Tower and the Great Wall of China on the bucket list goals.

More than one in 10 Indian travellers want to try something unusual and quirky with bucket list wishes such as meeting Santa Claus in Lapland (19 per cent), visiting a coffee plantation (14 per cent), sing karaoke in Tokyo (17 per cent) or creating your own graffiti street art (18 per cent).

The top five bucket list experiences are: Soar the skies while skydiving (43 per cent), take a road trip through off-the-beaten-path towns (36 per cent), dance the night away with a celebrity (37 per cent), try local street food on holiday (33 per cent) and feature in a music video (33 per cent).