It is that time of the year again! The unmistakable hint of ‘love is in the air’ cannot be denied. It's the d-day for lovers as they rejoice on the day to immerse themselves into romance and sweet nothings with their partners.Love, however, is not just about roses and sweet nothings, it is also about friendship, a companionship that one shares with that special someone in the journey called life.

Harp is one such book that talks about love, life and its many mysteries that seem to boggle us everyday.

Harp by first time author Nidhi Dalmia is set in the late sixties and the story is woven through the journey taken by the protagonists.

The story evolves as they move across India, countries in Europe and the USA in search of their dreams, love and personal growth.

As the story moves, the protagonists find themselves in battle against their own heart, young minds, perturbed by the complexities that love presents.

A story about young ones finding their footing in the world as they chase their passions to make a career out of it and find themselves in the middle of cultural and social revolutions which not only changes things around them but also makes them question and ponder about the course of their lives and find answers for the quest within.

As the story takes a turn towards the end, the protagonists find themselves on crossroads with love and life, something that exists simultaneously but many times one has to choose a priority.

A story of love and heartbreaks, the book deals with real emotions written with ample use of imagery, painting vivid pictures of the faraway lands and engaging the reader with its pictorial depictions of settings and surroundings.

As Ashok, the protagonist, travels through the niche areas of Europe, the readers get a glimpse of local culture and the beautiful terrains of the inner, lesser known areas of the continent.

As the story cuts through various settings the descriptive narrative makes the journey as a reader quite interesting. At the end, the reader is left with memories of young love and its challenges, as true as life itself.