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Let us all come together in this fight against COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic is affecting tens of thousands of people in profound ways, including loss of work and a lack of food supplies.

SNS | New Delhi |

The National Organisation for Social Empowerment (National NGO), a non-profit organization, has come forward to help the poor and needy in every possible way in this pandemic. The NGO was established by Amandeep Singh and Sparsh Maheshwari, who have devoted their lives to the noble cause of helping the poor and downtrodden people.

The Coronavirus pandemic is affecting tens of thousands of people in profound ways, including loss of work and a lack of food supplies. On March 11, 2020, the WHO declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, since then National NGO has pledged to fight this deadly virus and defeat it. As the crisis around the Covid-19 pandemic grows, the livelihoods of a large number of families surviving on daily wages have been shaken up. At the time of this outbreak, the organization is helping underprivileged people day and night to ensure food, aid, oxygen cylinders/concentrators, and medical supplies are delivered to those who need them.

Currently, as we all are facing COVID-19 second phase, the NGO has been continuously providing food and ration packages to the slum dwellers and needy individuals amid the coronavirus outbreak. Each Ration package (for a family of 5) contains a combination of wheat flour, rice, cooking oil and two types of pulses that can be used to cook meals for the family for a week. They are also distributing cooked meals to more than 1500 people on a daily basis in the areas allocated to us by Deputy CM’s office like Sarai Kale Khan.

National NGO has successfully provided FREE OXYGEN SEVA to more than 40 COVID-19 patients. They are also maintaining the record of each beneficiary with all the necessary details, to ensure that the help has reached the right person.

“When Sai Raj came to our premises along with his brother Satish Raj who was affected with COVID-19, Satish’s SpO2 level was around 60 and a blood oxygen level below 60 mm Hg is considered low and may require oxygen supplementation. Our team immediately provided free oxygen seva to the patient and the necessary assistance to the family” added Amandeep Singh, Founding Trustee, National NGO.

Their team stands in queues outside gas agencies and waits for hours to procure oxygen cylinders for the patients. After procuring the cylinders, they provide oxygen seva to whosoever is in need for free irrespective of religion, caste, or creed.

Till now (From 2020 till now), the NGO has successfully fed cooked meals to more than 6,00, 000 poor people, successfully delivered more than 80 packages of cooked meals to the families affected by COVID-19 in South Delhi, provided 20,000+ Dry snacks packets to migrant labourers and 5,000+ Families provided with Ration Kits.