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Ladakh International Music Festival all set to bring amalgamation of local and global talents

He emphasizes that Ladakh has a very distinct culture, folk songs, and music, and has a history of more than a thousand years old.

IANS | New Delhi |

Ladakh is not only known for its scenic beauty but also it has rich heritage and culture. The Ladakh International Music Festival is bringing together national, and international rock bands and local talent.

One of the highlights of the festival is that local music bands from Ladakh are getting the platform to showcase their craft. Around six bands including Dashugs band, Rolyangs band and Faisal Ashoor, Anonymous, Acoustive, and Maryul Semyangs are participating at the festival.

These groups will be sharing the stage with renowned national and international music bands like the Indian Ocean, Parashara, Tetseo Sisters, Joi Barua and Band, and DJ Anna and Ali Burns.

One of the leading local bands of Ladakh is Faisal Ashoor which is named after its bandleader. Faisal Ashoor, the bandleader says it’s a great opportunity for them to be part of such a major and prominent event happening in Ladakh.

“As a Ladakhi band, we are really fortunate and honored to be a part of such a big event for the first time in Ladakh. We have been performing locally and outside places for years but sharing this stage with such big bands is itself a big thing for us. Plus, our band and other bands are trying to focus on and promote our cultural richness in music and art which is like a cherry on top. Such a confluence of the diversity of music will definitely bring our people closer together. It is also a celebration of our nation’s greatness in art, culture, and music,” he says.

It is organized as a collaboration between the Indian Army and Picturetime, an inflatable theatre company, with support from Sky2Ocean, an event planner company run by Indian Army veterans.

On the other hand, Tashi Gyalson, Chief Executive Councillor, LAHDC (Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, Leh) who has constantly supported the local talent of Ladakh shares: “This is an incredible opportunity for all our local artists. Performing on the same stage as big renowned bands such as the Indian Ocean will totally boost their morale. We hope a landmark festival such as this continues for a very long time and it grows bigger and bigger in the times to come.”

He emphasizes that Ladakh has a very distinct culture, folk songs, and music, and has a history of more than a thousand years old.

He adds: “Our rich Ladakhi heritage is very important to us and we would never want it getting lost, we have to protect this, at the same time we need to simultaneously grow with the evolving times, keeping our rich culture intact that’s the way forward and we are actively working on protecting our culture while we also move ahead with the times.”

Ladakh International Music Festival (April 30-May 2) will host a competition between local Ladakhi rock bands which will be held at Leh’s Sonam Wangchuk stadium.

It also includes a fashion show helmed by Jigmat Couture the biggest ethical fashion house in the region. The festival shall also host dance performances by Art of Motion Ladakh, a pioneer performing arts academy of Ladakh.

The Festival ends at Rezang La, one of the world’s highest war memorials where Indian composer Joi Barua and his band will pay a tribute to the martyrs of Galwan.